• Classic Arcade Feel: This title has all the trappings of an arcade classic including fast, finger twitching shooter action, while adding new gameplay elements by incorporating the unique controls of the Wii..
  • Beautifully hand drawn 2D animation combined with amazing special effects, gives the user a gorgeous backdrop to explore. With over the top enemies, gigantic bosses and special attacks that fill up the entire screen, you will stay glued to the screen..
  • Variety of Modes: Story, Boss Attack, Score Attack and Time Attack will give this title legs beyond the first play through..
  • Multiplayer: Take a friend with you on this journey as you battle together in Co-Op Mode..
  • Imported from USA.
The Snow Fairy Sayuki is on a quest to save her beloved from the evil curse of the demons plaguing her land. In order to save her companions life, she must travel through the far reaches of ancient Japan and battle mythological creatures in her pursuit of a secret remedy. Heavenly Guardian embodies the fast paced fun and adventure of the classic arcade shooter while utilizing the powers of the Nintendo Wii to add new thrills to the genre. Journey through various environments and fight through a variety of mythological creatures! Fight the journey solo, or gain the aid of your companions in cooperative two-player action. Search for power-ups and special items to vanquish the evil gods and save your love from death.