Product Description

Over 40 Years of Superior Quality. Shape, file, smooth & shine your nails. Files: Two filing surfaces shape and finish nails. Coarse, black file is best for shaping nails. Fine, white file is best for finishing nails and smoothing out any rough edges. 4-Step Buffing: Removes stains and ridges. Creates a smooth nail surface. Gives nails a natural, high-gloss shine without polish. Precision Crafted Hand Inspected Quality Revlon Implements meet exacting design and quality specifications. They are made of the finest materials and are fully inspected to assure exceptional performance. Directions: Shaping: Start with dry nails to help prevent nails from peeling. File nails at a 45° angle against underside of nail edge to help maintain a strong nail tip. Always start at the side of the nail and file toward the middle. Do not saw back and forth. For a squared edge, file tip of nail straight across with the Black side, then round corners slightly with White side to prevent snagging. For a natural-looking curve, file nail to match the curve of your fingetip. Filing alternately from one side, then the other, will ensure an even shape. Buffing: Before buffing, remove any nail enamel with Revlon Nail Enamel Remover. Step 1: Even Out. Stroke buffer back and forth across nail surface until stains and ridges are removed. Step 2: Smooth. Buff with the same back and forth motion to produce a satin smooth surface. Step 3: Buff. Continue to buff nail surface with back and forth motion to prepare nails for final shine. Step 4: Shine. Finish by briskly buffing back and forth to create a natural, brilliant shine.

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