Soft Dried Figs 250g (Crazy Jack Organic). These organic figs from Crazy Jack have been softened by soaking in water, and are hence different from many other types of dried figs, and particularly tasty. They are grown in Turkey. These Crazy Jack figs are chosen to be slower-growing and thinner-skinned than most figs, which contributes to their unique flavour. This thin skin also helps to make them softer to eat than most dried figs. You might also like Organic Figs (1kg) - Sussex Whole Foods Unadulterated figs (organic). Ingredients: Figs (90%), water. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here Nutritional Information Energy 239kcal/1015k J Protein 3. 1g Carbohydrate 53g Of which sugars 53g Fat 1. 2g of which saturates Less than 0. 2g Fibre 12g Sodium Less than 0. 1g View our dried figs nutritional information page for general information.