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Soft Silicon Camera Viewfinder Eyecup Eyepiece Eyeshade for Sony A7RIV A7 A7II A7III A7R A7RII A7RIII A7S A7SII A9 A9II A58 A99II Eye Cup Protector Replaces Sony FDA-EP18 FDA-EP16 FDA-EP15

Product Description

Ideal viewfinder eyecup eyepiece for Sony A7 A7II A7III A7R A7RII A7RIII A7RIV A7S A7SII A9 A9II A58 A99II

Replaces Sony FDA-EP18 FDA-EP16 FDA-EP15 eyecup

Blocks light and helps you concentrate on taking photo

Protects viewfinder from impact and scratches effectively

Soft silicone material for eye comfort, ease your eye/eyeglass hitting on viewfinder incautiously

Imported from USA

Material: ABS+Silicon

Replaces Sony FDAEP18 FDAEP16 FDAEP15 eyepiece
Compatible Cameras:
Sony a7 a7M2 a7M3 a7R a7RM2 a7RM3 a7RM4 a7S a7SM2 a9 a9ii a58 & a99M2

This Camera Eyecup is specially designed for Sony a7 , a7 II , a7 III , a7R , a7R II , a7R III , a7R IV , a7S, a7S II ,
a9 , a9 mark ii , a58 and a99 mark II cameras. During shooting, the Eyecup can not only keep your viewfinder safe from
impact and scratches but also protect the viewfinder from dirt, moisture, dust, and unwanted light, thus providing more
image detail. In addition, it allows more comfortable viewing when camera is held to eye, especially when wearing
glasses. And it also protects your glasses from scratches.

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